NO! (anewblackhole) wrote,

see ya people.

day 2 of my tour with Thunders.
im at some band's house in columbus ohio and i've been having a blast already.

took burroughs with me, listened to primal scream all day.

stuck in acid, you will rust
time will turn your bones to dust
i can muster, let her go
keep your dreams, don't sell your soul

on the way, i saw a sign that made me shudder.

oh yeah...fear baby.

the first night in bloomington was fun. cinemat and old friends. saw michael from turn pale who was bummed i wasn't allowed to play cold beat. i'm a bit sad too, since i was the one who kept on marty's ass about doing another one these past 2 months. oh well, should be fun. i'd go, but i'll be in detroit. i also happened to run into the ever lovely rebecca, zanna, rachel, and brian along the way. brian asked me if i might dj chapel perilous in the near future, so bloomington, i'll be back.

the show in btown was good, but the sound was dodgy.

but yeah...holy mountain. music making magic.

got rid of my man-beard due to vanity and overall scratchiness.

going to see deb yoon, jon lynn, and meredith yayanos in the next few days. a mutant party is immenent, and i will kiss the syringe covered sand of coney island when i finally return to it.

updates will not be found here, as i have amassed a hand full of unnecessary people in my list.
this sad fact is a major...

more to be found @ nothing2seehear)

be seeing you.
well...some of you. ; )


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